Vegiterra is a pop-up vegan restaurant that offers creative worldly vegan flavours at events in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton areas.  It was started just this year by Kristofir (the culinary mastermind) and Christopher (the operations guru), with wonderful support from family and friends.

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Based in Hamilton, just 45 minutes drive from downtown Toronto, we make use of a commercial kitchen to prepare all of our foods in a safe, healthy environment, adhering to municipal regulations.

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Vegiterra began as a food, travel & culture blog that is all about how we explore our vibrant, flavourful planet - and it continues on this theme with Kristofir's delightful recipes, as well as articles about our travels, lifestyle, and things of interest.

I hope you’ll be engaged by this tasty journey, and perhaps you too will be inspired to share, or even create your own “Vegiterranean” lifestyle.

About Vegiterra's Chef

Hi, my name is Kristofir, a vegan traveller, painter and musician who loves to float around the world, daydream and make food... all at the same time!  

I currently reside in Hamilton, Ontario, and before that I lived in Bali for a year-and-a-half and used it as a base to explore other parts of Asia. While abroad I became aware of some of the challenges of vegan travel: finding the right ingredients, how to cook in alternate ways, sustainability, and lack of "green" options in various places.   When eating out I'd sometimes find bits of fish in my salad or eggs in my rice.  So to stop this from happening I retreated into my own kitchen and created a body of recipes that are featured on this site.  

Living in Ontario again, the access, affordability, and bounty of fresh ingredients is something not to be taken for granted but cherished and celebrated.  Southern Ontario has many exciting ingredients to play with, both local and from hundreds of amazing importers. From this, I aim to fuse global cuisine in vegan ways!


Check out Kristofir's art: www.kristofir.com
Check out Christopher's website: www.extra-ordinarium.com

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