Monday, September 21, 2015

Toronto Garlic Festival

Another year, another Toronto Garlic Festival!  We were so happy to return to this lovely market celebrates the humble fragrant bulb.  For this year's menu we decided to bring back our vegan lox that we introduced earlier in the spring as well as one of our favourite dishes, a roasted sweet potato bean salad with a garlic-peanut sauce.

Our simple menu included two dishes and several drinks.  As the eye can see, our garlic was organic and local!

Vegan smoked lox.  You may have seen this before perhaps?  In a dream you had last night?  People were curious as to how we made smoked salmon vegan, but scoffed at it when they found out it was carrot and seaweed.  Little did they know what they were missing out on.  This dish is amazing!

Bean salad with roasted sweet potato, beets, corn peanut sauce and cilantro.  We need a better name for this dish! How about beet's knees salad?

Christopher shows off our bean salad. He so urban.

Kristofir is excited about the crowded room because he spends way too much time alone.

Oh oh, someone forgot their onion!

Look at this! No more juice.  We brought 30L with us and we should have brought more it seems.  Next time we'll bring so much juice that Noah will start building a new ark.

The crowded Wychwood Barns.  What a beautiful venue!  Thank you to all of the Garlic Festival organizers and volunteers for making the event run so well.

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