Monday, August 10, 2015

Vegiterra At The Annex Flea, August 9th

We were back at our favourite Toronto flea market: The Annex Flea.  It has been a while since our last event with them (November 2014) and we were happy to be reunited with some familiar vendors and attendees.
During the summer, the Annex Flea is held in the Honest Ed's parking lot on Bloor and Bathurst street - a wonderful location that attracts local Annexites, U of T students, and anyone else who so happens to be passing by the building.

For this event we served two items: vegan lox (which we sold at Veggie Fest as well) and a sweet potato bean salad which we make for ourselves several times a week.   We also served two juices: watermelon rose and cassis.  The watermelon juice and the bean salad sold out quickly.  No surprise!  People love fresh ingredients!

Exterior of Honest Ed's.  I actually didn't go into the building this time, which is a good thing because we were too busy to do anything like that.

Another view of Honest Ed's.  This is the entrance to the Annex Flea on Bloor street. 

Our booth was right in front of this nice mural

Our menu and Kristofir

Our two juices: Watermelon Rose and Cassis. The watermelon/rose juice sold out quickly. It is so refreshing, I'm going to make some for myself when I'm done typing this.

Our two very orange looking dishes.  Vegan lox (on the left) and the sweet potato bean salad.

There was live music too!  This band played Celtic inspired folk music, which was very nice to listen to.

Kristofir and Kelly from Sacred Gemstone have a hippy moment with a quartz.

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