Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Buddha Restaurant, Toronto

Thin layers of yuba make up this delicious "Imitation Duck".  We're not sure why it is called that. 

Buddha has been our favourite vegan restaurant in Toronto for quite some time. It serves Chinese Buddhist fare and adheres to Sattvik ways of cooking - meaning no harm was done to any sentient being (veganism) and no pungent ingredients are used in cooking such as garlic and onion.

The menu consists of a number of rice, noodle, soup and mock meat dishes and all quite inexpensive.  We always order way too much and two menu items are often enough to feed three people quite well.
Here are a few of our favourites.

Imitation duck (above) is quite the mysterious food.  Many Chinese Buddhist restaurants serve this dish of bean curd sheets (yuba) soaked in 5 spice powder and then fast fried so that the outside is nice and crisp.  We could live off of this and actually make it at home quite a bit.  Ours does not look as good though.  Video coming soon!

Mock beef with black bean sauce on pan fried noodles, taro rolls in the background. Mock beef is a bit strange. It looks just like beef, and tastes almost sour as if it has been soaking in vinegar.  In our meat-eating days we both didn't enjoy beef and thought we would try the vegan version.  Honestly, not our favourite, however the noodles and veggies were excellent.

Gerneral Tao's Chicken (Imitation).  This is a popular item at Buddha which consists of breaded soy-chicken in a spicy red sauce, and two deep fried steamed buns.   I've always left the steamed buns, but the mock meat is tasty. It reminds me of what I remember chicken balls to taste like with a thick breading. 
If you are in the Kensington Market or Chinatown area, Buddha is just a short walk down the Dundas West towards Bathurst.  It is well worth a try and your taste buds will thank you.

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