Monday, June 15, 2015

Hamilton Veggie Fest, June 13

We are thrilled to have participated in this years Hamilton Veggie Fest  which took place on June 13.  
After a cold winter of zero pop-ups, this was our first show of the season and it set the bar high for upcoming summer!  
This was our first vegetarian show and also our first show in Hamilton. which is weird because we live in Hamilton.  We usually show up at markets and food shows in Toronto that have a mixture of retail, vegan baked goods and lots of meat, so participating in a meatless event seemed very exiting to us!  
Kristofir was assisted by family at this show, and you can see our menu below.  
We sold out of pad thai and juices shortly after lunch, which was INSANELY busy!  
We actually broke our spiralizer from extreme use.  Therefore we would not recommend plastic spiralizers for heavy usage, which in our case was 6kg of carrots and 7kg of zucchini.  If you want to see which one we were using, check out our Pad Thai video, and use a better model ;) 
Our menu.  Simple but full of flavour! 

Kristofir giving birth to our watermelon rose juice, and his aunt being disturbed by the process. 

Post event panna cotta reward! 

Panna cotta to forehead in t-minus 1 second. 
Our vegan lox.  This is how we served it at the show on a bed of lemon hummus on a toasted bun with red onions and dill.  So tasty! 

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