Monday, September 22, 2014

Vegiterra at Toronto Garlic Festival

We are thrilled to have participated in the Toronto Garlic Festival this year!  The festival was held on September 21st at the Evergreen Brickworks and showcases the Ontario garlic harvest in many forms.  Many kinds of vendors participated including farmers, chefs, pop-ups (like us), gardeners, health experts, and scientists.  We were all very happy and dry (when it was initially pouring rain) under the giant roof of the amazing Brickworks facility.  The sun broke through as the event got underway and everyone's spirits were bright!

If you want to stock up on your annual garlic cache, this is the place to do it.  There was garlic EVERYWHERE and in almost everything!  The smells wafting through the air were simple amazing. This event was very well attended and because of this we were not able to leave the booth until the end of the day, so we only were able to see a very small portion of this lovely festival. 
We brought one dish and several drinks.  Crispy sweet potato gnocchi served with a garlic-lime aioli and cilantro-basil aioli, watermelon-mint juice, lemongrass basil seed iced tea, pumpkin-apple smoothie in a mason jar, and apple pie smoothie also in a mason jar.  

Kristofir serves up some crispy sweet potato gnocchi!  The gnocchi were a favourite snack for many kids at this event! 
The morning started with a massive storm.  This photo was taken before the festival started, at around 8am when we were still setting up.  We were worried that no one would show up! 

But how could one resist beautiful Ontario garlic bulbs like these certified organic ones
by Golden Acres Farm of Gads Hill, Ontario? 

The storm cleared and people queued in line to get their hands on some garlic! 

The place was packed, and the crowed was amazing!  Most people seemed to be interested in all that was on offer from farmers, chefs, and the speaker series and cooking demonstrations. 

Our menu for the Toronto Garlic Festival.  Some new items! 

Our best seller: Crispy Sweet Potato Gnocchi!  Even the bees,
such as the one named Emily on the bamboo skewer, like it!

Pumpkin - Apple smoothie in a mason jar! Hugely Popular.  Sold out in fact. 

This is watermelon-mint juice.  We brought a 10L jug of it, and sold out very quickly.
Next time we will bring more! 

This is Vanesha from La Marmite Mauricienne , who serves food from her home island of Mauritius.  We tried her AMAZING vegan fried rice.  Vanesha's booth was beside ours and we really enjoyed her company throughout the day. 

What is Christopher up to? Is he putting on a puppet show with his right hand?   This is Vanesha and us, again. 
The snazzy menu poster for La Marmite Mauricienne. 

This is Cindy from Babi and Co.  Cindy and Kristofir worked together in a boutique hotel many years ago and now they both make their own food!  Babi and Co. serves up Indonesian street food; something that we know quite well from living Bali. 

We tried Babi and Co's Mie Kuah Kachang or peanut noodles in English.  I'm pretty sure that when I ordered this I made the mistake of saying mie kuching, or "cat noodles."  Thankfully there were no cats in this dish.   These noodles are out of this world!  The peanut sauce is sublime, and the pink tapioca krupuk are so light and crispy. Without a doubt, one of the best Indonesian food experiences we have ever had, and remember, we lived in Indonesia for 2 years! 

This is a rapini cooking demonstration by Chef Brad Long of Sarafino.  Rapini is one of Kristofir's favourite veggies. 

We SOLD OUT!  We were thrilled to go home with only a few jars of apple pie smoothie, but other than that, everything else was gobbled up and drunk by the happy garlic go-ers.  

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