Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Vegiterra at Annex Flea, Sept. 28th

Our ninth event of 2014 - and our fourth Annex Flea - was yet again a thoroughly enjoyable experience, especially given the warm sunny Sunday.  We served some new items - focaccia, a basil seed pudding - and the favourite at the Garlic Festival, watermelon mint juice, which was le grand succès!  We were also happy to see some familiar faces, including getting to be neighbours again with Sumayyah at Crumble and Flake Bakeshop and Kelly from Sacred Gemstone.  We won't be at the October Annex Flea - but you should definitely check it out.  It will be indoors at the Centre for Social Innovation at 720 Bathurst Street on Sunday, 26 October 2014 from 11 to 6.

Christopher poses with our Bali Ohm.  We bought many of these flags which serve as an offering during Galungan: the Balinese celebration when the dead come back for ten days. Ghosts are always welcome at Vegiterra.  
Our menu.  New items included focaccia and basil seed pudding! 

The menu display.  The watermelon juice is in the upper right corner. It was delicious. 

Christopher poses with his favourite bottle of mango coulis and Kelly from Sacred Gemstone sets up her booth.  
Kristofir poses with a jar of sun dried tomatoes that he made himself

Setting up the booth

Basil seed pudding was a big success.  This one tastes extra refreshing with the coconut-lime-mango flavour combination. 

We went home with one of these lovely flourite obelisks from Sacred Gemstone.

These jars from Odds and Mends are so fun an whimsical.  Odds and Mends always has an impressive collection of vintage curios, and they also organize the flea market!  We are very grateful for their flea market as it has helped Vegiterra so much! 

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