Monday, August 11, 2014

Vegiterra at TO Food Fest

Vegiterra had an amazing day at TO Food Fest!   The event was held in the Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto, which is an incredible facility in Scarborough.  This was our largest event so far and we had such a great time preparing and serving the hungry folks who attended.  Our menu consisted of familiar dishes from past shows plus two iced teas.  Of the 6 menu items, 2 really were the stars of the show:  The YamBurger and the Lemongrass Basil Seed Iced Tea! 

Our TO FOOD FEST booth!  We were so happy with this set up: 2 work stations and a serving / tea table. 

Our menu consisted of 4 items plus 2 teas.  What was the most popular?
The YamBurger and Lemongrass Basil Seed Iced Tea! 

Kristofir shows us the gnocchi skewers.

Empanadas!  These are by far the best batch we have ever made.  We took out all alliums (garlic and onion family) and added more apricots.  I know that garlic and apricot taste totally different, but this switch in ingredients gave the empanadas a Persian je ne sais quoi flavour.   Golden purses for an angel. 

This is our Lemongrass Basil Seed Iced Tea.  (The seeds were on the side and some people didn't want them because they sort of look like - but don't taste like - vegan cavier.)  "What are the colour things?" was asked by many people.   They are plastic ice cubes everyone! 

For those who wanted straws, we had provided these neon beauties. 

Jhal Muri! 


Kristofir and his mum in the Multi-Purpose Room at the Chinese Cultural Centre
before the doors opened to the public.  

Food examples!  Empanada, Gnocchi, YamBurger, Jhal Muri.

Jasmine-Coconut Iced Tea!  Many people liked to blend BOTH of our iced teas together, which was also delicious and refreshing.

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