Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Painting an Ikea Mirror

Mirror #1  Red Mirror 
This Levanger mirror was $10 at a thrift store (regular $100 at Ikea- discontinued) and had ugly primer on it. Someone didn’t know what they were doing. They just slapped a coat of primer on the frame and donated it to the thrift store it seems.  So I bought it, took it home and here is the process. 

1) tape off the mirror so that no paint gets onto the surface

2) Spray the mirror with primer and do this outside because of the smell. It looks great white and I could have left it as so, but I already bought the red so deiced to continue.

3) Spray the mirror with colour of your choice.  I used Rustoleum high-gloss red. 

4) Wait until it is fully dry

5) Remove tape

6) Wipe away mistakes with either a knife or heavy scrubbing 

7) Install 

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