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Our Top 10 V-Friendly Restaurants in Ubud, Bali

This is a list of our favourite restaurants and café’s in Ubud.  There are numerous exclusively vegetarian and vegan eateries in this town, but frankly they are not always very flavourful, so we will not be including those.  Instead this is a list of restaurants in Ubud which, in our opinion, serve the most flavourful dishes. 
*prices are constantly rising in Bali, these are the prices as of April 2013. 

       1)   Juice Ja Jl. Dewi Sita
This is our all time favourite restaurant in Ubud. International vegetarian and non vegetarian cuisine that is FULL of flavour.  Sometimes locally sourced, organic produce for sale, as well as jams, sauces, baked goods, herbs and spices.  Try the vegetarian quesadilla for a fusion of Mexican and Asian, as well as the Indian crepe.  Beautiful blended fresh fruit juices for quenching your thirst and detoxifying.  $2 -$5 

2) Kue. Jl. Raya Ubud.  
Downstairs is a bakery selling cakes, croissants, pastries and chocolates, Upstairs is a café / restaurant.  We have spent several days, (if not weeks) lounging on the comfy seating in this café with friends. Their desserts are great any time of day and their menu is fresh and flavourful with an international focus.  Not exclusively vegetarian, but there are a variety of delicious meat-free dishes.  The menu changes as to keep things fresh.  $3 - $7

Homemade kites fill the walls and ceilings of Cafe Bintang 
3) Café Bintang Jl. Suweta
Several kilometres north of the main road is a small Japanese / Indonesian café with breathtaking views of rice fields.  Not exclusively vegetarian and more an Indonesian version of Japanese food rather than authentic, but delicious all the same.  Mainly comprising of rice and noodle dishes. Try the soumen with vegetable tempura ($3.50) or the age-dashi tofu ($2) which doesn’t contain real dashi, thankfully. 

Is this what Mexican food does to people in Bali?
4) Taco Cassa, Jl Hanuman
American-Style Mexican food in Bali!  This is a great place to go once you have exhausted your taste buds with nasi.  Large flour tortillas packed with beans, rice, veggies and cheese.  (meat options available) Even more delicious is their passion fruit lassi, which is sweet and bitter at the same time.  ($4 - $6) 
5) Warung Little India, Jl Hanuman at Dewi Sita 
A small, 3 table restaurant serving Indian fare such as dahl, channa, and samosas.  Delicious, and fairly inexpensive compared to other Indian restaurants in Ubud, and by far our favourite.  Lunch combos for around $5. 

Simple Italian-style pizza with amazing tomato sauce at Mamma Mia Pizzaria 
6) Mamma Mia Pizzaria, Jl. Hanuman
It is hard to find good pizza in any town, and once you make the discovery, you fall in love.  This is the case with Mamma Mia Pizzaria. Thin crust pizzas, baked in a wood fired oven with authentic Italian toppings such as gorgonzola, artichoke hearts and olives.  Not exclusively vegetarian, but there are several vegetarian options, and you can always create your own pizza.  This place becomes fairly busy, so it is best to come for an early dinner if you want a table to yourself.  Pizza’s are around $5 each can feed 1-2 people.
Curry coconut tofu at melting wok
7) Melting Wok, Jl Goutama
This restaurant serves food well above the average Ubud fare.  Without a doubt, this is the most flavourful and pleasant dinning experience you will have in this town.  The menu is small, and is written on a large chalkboard that the server brings to your table: A daily special plus a rice or noodle dish. You choose weather you want meat, vegetarian, or coconut curry.  Simple. 
The flavours are reminiscent of Thai cuisine but are far more refined than the food in Thailand.  Desserts such as coconut milk crème brulee and palm sugar crepe are to die for.  Make reservations beforehand as it is nearly impossible to grab a table otherwise.  ($3.50 - $5)
Padang-style food.  This is meat and I have never had it.  What i didn't photograph was the other wall which was a similar looking display of vegetarian treats.  
8) Masakan Padang Puteri Minang, Jl. Raya Ubud 
Padang food is a popular choice throughout Indonesia. It is Sumatran nasi campur (mixed rice) fare which is often cooked in the morning, and then left in the restaurant window for the rest of the day.  A lot of tourists are turned off by this idea because of ingrained obsessions with bacteria, but if you can go beyond that idea, this place is worth checking out!  A large variety of meat and vegetarian dishes presented buffet style. You point to what looks good and a server will add it to a mound of rice.  Normally they have a lot of fried foods,  jackfruit curry and sautéed leafy greens.  $0.30- $1.50
9) Dewa Warung Jl. Goutama
A popular backpacker restaurant with cheap vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes. Long canteen-style tables are great for chatting with other travellers and meeting new people.  Try tomato tofu or tempeh, coconut fern, and their amazing turmeric juice.  $1-$2  (prices have gone up since first coming to Bali
The organic farm where most ingredients from Sari Organik are grown.  You can also order fresh produce from this farm at excellent prices. 
10) Sari Organik North of Ubud in Rice Fields. 
This famed Ubud restaurant sits in the rice fields north of the town centre and serves organic, locally grown dishes and drinks.  The ambiance is outstanding as the open air dinning area is completely surrounded by luscious green rice fields.  A little more expensive than other restaurants in Ubud, but you are paying for organic and locally sourced ingredients.  There is also an organic farm on site where you can order produce, homemade tofu and other products which can be delivered to your door the following day! Produce is often priced by kg.  Mains range from $3- $7. 

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