Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What is that fruit? Salak (Snake Skin Fruit)

Like a lot of Asian fruits, the salak has an unusual smell.  It’s hard to describe but if I had to, I would say it is like candied cat urine.

A hotel employee offered us some salak one day and showed us how to go about eating it.  First you must peel away the papery outside skin.  This is very easy and it never sticks to the fruit, it slips right off in fact.   Inside there are several segments which resemble garlic bulbs.  They are very dense and dry.  Some rattle even – that would be the smooth seed inside. 

We took a bite.  Indeed, the sensation is like biting into a raw garlic bulb – if you can imagine that.  But the flavour is nothing like garlic, nor is it like cat pee!  The flavour is magical.  It is a sweet, tangy bomb of delight, and tastes nothing like the smell! 

I have not found these gems outside of South East Asia, but if I did, I would buy all of them. They are a great snack! 

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  1. You haven't told us which fruit is it? It looks like lychee but I am not sure of it. Can you please let the readers know about the fruit? thanks


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