Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What is that fruit: Custard Apple / Sweetsop

What is that fruit!?

As we explore the lush vegetarian world we meet new fruits and vegetables along the way.  We will introduce you to some of our favourites and not so favourite discoveries along our journey. 

I only recently found the English name for this fruit and would say that it is quite misleading.  This fruit is like a soft pinecone that falls into hundreds of segments if you pick it up.  Once inside, the fruit resembles a soursop with white fleshy fruit surrounding black seeds.
The white inside flesh is the part you eat. Since it is full of seeds, it is best to eat these outside so you can spit the seeds into the garden, and if you are lucky, one might grow into a tree!
The flavour reminds me of turpentine mixed with sugar. If you are a fan of oil painting, this is your new favourite fruit!

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