Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The most amazing Balinese procession

On April 25th 2013, we heard a sound coming down the street that was not at all alien to us: the metallic rhythm of a gamelan orchestra leading a village procession to a temple. This particular procession moved from Junjungan village north of Ubud to Kutuh Kaja. While we haven’t been able to confirm the particular details of this procession, featuring hundreds of Balinese people in a colourful variety of ceremonial clothes, playing instruments including a conch shell (very unusual), and walking together in a colour-coded choreography, from what we have been told it seems to be related to the two young people at the end, lifted up into the air on thrones. Is it an arranged marriage? More details are welcomed and we will post more information as we find out more.
This is, in fact, the most grand procession we have seen during our time in Bali. With only days left on the island, it was as if Bali itself were asking, “Why do you want to leave?” Trust us, we don’t.
The video shows nearly the entire procession from beginning to end, with the last minute or two of the video dedicated to some highlights from their return.

Article and video by Christopher Laursen

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