Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Repainting old furniture: French provincial coffee table

I had just landed in Canada and thought of staying for a while, but didn’t have any plans of renting at that point.  I was staying with my parents who have quite a lot of play-space and just wanted to paint furniture since they hand ample room for this kind of activity. (Large living space in Canada is something that I am not used to) 
I came across this table for $10 on the online classifieds Kijiji, and went to the other side of the city to pick it up.  It was scratched and ugly – like most thrift store furniture pieces, and had a strange brass handle that was functionless like decorative curly parsley.

I was so eager to paint it that I dove right into the project and forgot to document the process! Anyway, it was pretty straight forward, I disassembled the table, took off the handle and patched the holes, primed it with three coats of primer, and painted / varnished it. 

I found this image online, and did not take it myself. This isn't my table, but it is similar to the one I painted. 
Finished table with turquoise, white and high gloss varnish


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