Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Quick organic remedy for upset tummy

Many people have experienced stomach sickness while travelling throughout Asia. Clean water and refrigeration are not as common as they are in North America or Europe, so food can spoil fast, and our delicate, non-tropical stomachs can rebel against us.

From Le livre sans titre, an 1830 book found by Jim Edmonson and written about in his blog for the Dittrick Museum. It reads “A devouring fire sears his gut; he suffers horrible stomach pains…” In this case, the ailment is not from tainted food, but from onanism!
Both Christopher and I have not had many stomach problems in Bali, although it is famed for a crippling food poisoning known as “Bali belly.” (I prefer to call it “Balirrhea”)
But I was not so lucky in Thailand.  We were eating a lot of street food, and although we only ate vegetarian meals, we think that some food was washed in dirty water. It is a common practice in smaller restaurants that plates are washed in the roadside irrigation channels, as surprising as that sounds.  If you don’t have plumbing, the irrigation channel is often your nearest water supply, and in some places in southeast Asia, people use irrigation for everything: washing dishes and clothes, bathing, disposing of garbage, and yes, going to the toilet. What I caught in Thailand lasted just over three weeks, and it may have been from a salty orange slush. The ice may have been the culprit in this case. Ice from tourist restaurants are usually fine, but this beverage came from an open air market. Muscle aches, vomiting and diarrhea that was like water, and a unpleasant ethereal wooziness.
It eventually passed after eating clean, organic food that I would prepare myself.  Thankfully organic produce is inexpensive in southeast Asia.
When we lived in Vancouver we did the Master Cleanse, and we would cleanse our bodies when the seasons changed.  For those who are unfamiliar with the cleanse, it is a mono diet consisting of lemonade with cayenne pepper and syrup.
master-cleanseThis is a miraculous cure for many ailments, and when I was feeling gross, here in Bali, I would drink the cleanse drink for several days.
Another important component is the salt flush.
Mix 2 teaspoons of organic sea salt with 900ml of filtered water, and drink it within 10 minutes.  It can be tricky to drink so much liquid in such a short time, but do your best.  About one hour later, you will purge out toxins in the form of diarrhea.  Yes this is disgusting, but is a great way to end a stomach ache.  The flush itself does not hurt at all.
Whenever you feel a cramp, the salt flush is a good alternative to other laxatives as it is over with within 2 hours, and it will solve the problem pretty fast!
For further reading on the master cleanse and the salt flush, we recommend the guide The Complete Master Cleanse by Tom Woloshyn.  Step by step procedures, personal stories, and how to get into and complete the cleanse.

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