Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Flying from Asia to Canada with lots of stops

Where are we going next?

extrasmall map
April, May, and June 2013 will be full of flights that take us from one side of the planet to the other – and maybe even a bit further.
We are leaving Bali at the end of April to spend a month in Nepal. It is a place that both of us have wanted to visit, and have decided to make the most of our 30 day tourist visa and spend an entire month exploring the country.
Post-Nepal takes us to London via Qatar, where we will be exploring galleries for three days. We chose London as a transition city between Asia and North America, to adjust to the “western world” and it is on the way anyway, so why not make a trip out of it?
From London we will fly to Toronto via Reykjavik where we will be spending part of the summer.  Kristofir will stay in Ontario, and later on Christopher will venture to Alberta, British Columbia and possibly California before we find our next adventure.
Why are we doing this trip?
We are craving peaches! Since they are practically non-existent in Bali, we are going back to Canada just before peach season to make the most of the “Arctic” summer.  Coincidentally, we will also be in Canada during strawberry, raspberry, cherry and pear season as well!  I know this all must sound ridiculous, but small things like fresh local fruit are more valuable than the largest sum of money when you realise how most of the world does not have such luxuries.

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